Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis

Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis

  • Potential Economic Impacts of the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act (Bill 148)

    Employment and labour reforms are changing the risks, costs and uncertainty for employers creating a $23 billion challenge for Ontario businesses to deal with over the next two years. The analysis highlights the increased risks and uncertainties due to Bill 148 for many Ontario businesses given the Significance, Suddenness, and Size of the changes.
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  • Understanding the Forces Driving the Shelter Affordability Issue

    CANCEA applies its systems approach and big data modeling platform to housing affordability to quantitatively determine the major drivers of decreasing affordability in Ontario and the GTHA.

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  • Regional Express Rail’s Impact on Housing Affordability in the Greater Golden Horseshoe

    A quantitative investigation into the impacts of transit (and the Regional Express Rail specifically) on housing affordability in the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

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  • The Economic Impact of Canadian P3 Projects: Why building infrastructure ‘on time’ matters

    A fresh approach to analyzing the economic impacts of Canadian public-private partnerships (P3s) and adds to the conversation around P3s by quantifying – beyond the benefits traditionally outlined – the significant economic value from delivering such assets for public use sooner.

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  • Shelter Affordability Across Canada

    Housing affordability has grown into a national concern resulting from a number of complex and interconnected factors. There may not be a one-size-fits-all solution for this problem across Canada.

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Our interdisciplinary analysis is designed to support economic development, assist with strategic planning, influence key decision makers and contribute to higher prosperity.

CANCEA's database contains detailed information on over 55,000 regions across Canada on people, households, dwellings, industry and government for over the last 15 years.

CANCEA utilizes its linked-path database to generate robust socio-economic indicators designed to get to the heart of specific issues.