Canadian Centre for Economic Analysis

What We Do

Our interdisciplinary team of specialists provide single project and retained decision support to municipal, regional and provincial planners and policy makers. At the core of our services is the Prosperity at Risk computer simulation framework that incorporates a multitude of social, health, economic, financial and infrastructure asset factors that combine to serve the prosperity of society and their wealth interests.

The approach allows for a multitude of decision and planning support analysis, which is not limited to:

  • Forecasting and planning scenario analysis
  • Cost benefit, cost-effectiveness, cost-utility, economic return on investment analyses
  • Economic contribution and impact studies and project evaluation
  • Infrastructure, capacity and inter-generational modeling
  • Regional economic development planning
  • Government tier asset management and finance
  • Strategic growth assessment, regional competitiveness

Our investments in holistic regional simulation over the past two decades have provided the ability to consider all the following features of regional prosperity ….. simultaneously.

  • Demographic profile and change
  • Infrastructure asset requirements
  • Land use policies
  • Operational expenses
  • Regional economics
  • Regional health
  • Regional industry mix
  • Financial accounts
  • Fiscal and debt policies

The Prosperity at Risk simulator is able to simultaneously forward simulate and scenario analyze any Canadian region. For example, the long term population growth profile of a region can be changed within the Prosperity at Risk simulator to show how all the above features of prosperity change, down to a relevant level of detail for planning, stakeholder communication and decision making.

The Prosperity at Risk simulator can even study the interaction between municipalities, regions and provinces as part of the decision making analysis so that policy makers and investors can understand their regional dependencies, growth plan implications and those around them that need to be influenced to realize results.